Let RUGMANI Weave Your Next Bespoke Rug




Our Bespoke Products is designed specifically for Rug Retailers, Wholesalers, Interior Designers and Architects.

 This particular program enables us to offer the customer a maximum amount of designs with minimal   investment. Each custom rug is masterfully woven to achieve an unrivaled result. We can provide everything   from a single custom rug for your home, rugs with a logo for your studio/office, to projects that require   multiple pieces in different shapes or sizes. While our standard sizes are great for most homes, the Made to   Order service lets you tweak, shrink or expand most of our rugs to the perfect fit. Our bespoke department   offers luxurious, high-end area and wall-to-wall carpeting consisting of both residential and commercial   lines.We offer carpeting with custom made to order designs, colors and styles to suit your individual needs.

 Customers can choose various weaving methods for their fine flooring- machine loomed, hand loomed, hand   knotted or hand tufted. Our shared commitment to excellence, and our in-house facilities, ensures   consistency of color, texture, and fast turnaround. If a customer is looking for a particular color combination   and design that does not exist, their team of artisans will help to create your vision. We always give 100% to   satisfy a client’s specific needs to find the perfect color, size, texture and design.

If You are unable to submit this form, Please Email us : manirugscorp@gmail.com